Investment and Property Management Operations Just Got Better

Intelligent process automation and synchronization of data regardless of volume or source.

Efficient Data Management

We automate the validation, reconciliation and transformation of any dataset in any format and from any data source thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operational risk.

The Net: reduce error risk, time, and labor and increase productivity. Easily deployed to sync and integrate with any existing system in accounting, banking or IT.

Operational Effectiveness Improves Firm-wide Performance

For Investment Managers

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Process Automation. An end-to-end data management platform to ensure data quality and integrity. Automate data validation, reconciliation, transformation, and migration along with associated manual tasks.
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For Property Managers

Automate bank reconciliations. Transform data sets for like-to-like comparison. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to predict the root cause of discrepancies either individually or in patterns. Intelligent Process Automation with rules-based templates can make any required corrections back to the source accounting system.
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