Automated and Intelligent Reconciliation... the Core of Optimal Operations

Reconciliation that delivers real values in real time.

Rapidly deployed and scalable, with before and after analytics.

Accurate, reliable and timely reconciliation, tailored to support alternative assets, PE, sellside and buyside operations for comprehensively reported better decision making.

With automated reconciliation, regardless of source or type of data, breaks and patterns are detected. This leads to a reduction of labor, errors, cost and risk.

You're in the driver's seat

Our self-service solution provides complete control, full audit trail and comprehensive reporting – all with minimal IT assistance and input.
of exceptions remediated
reduction in operating costs


  • Improves data and reporting
  • Better oversight
  • Real time turnaround
  • Out of the broker files (Rules, Recon, IPA, Reports)

Asset Types

  • Listed securities
  • Cash
  • OTC Including FX, Forwards, Futures & Options, ETDs, CFDs, IRS, CDS, etc.
  • Loans & CLOs

Recon Types

  • Investor services (Transfer Agency), Capital Calls, PE
  • Accounting & Ops
  • Reference Data
  • Treasury, Payments
  • Inventory, Supply Chain
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