The data lifecycle – hyperautomated - at your fingertips

ARO, the foundation. A 360° technology to access and integrate all data regardless of source, velocity, or volume... fundamentally changing operations to benefit global enterprises and their end clients

The ARO Difference

What if there were data principles, combined AI and hyperautomated capability that increase efficiency, reduce cost, and mitigate risk throughout the data transaction lifecycle? What if you could create a versatile structure that could adapt to future requirements?

EZOPS ARO, comprehensive self-service framework extracts, transforms and incorporates data from diverse sources, implemented in a short timeframe, and rapidly adoptable to changing market conditions.

A.I. Powered Data and Process Automation

ARO combines end-user functionality, A.I. and automation to supercharge operational efficiency across the data lifecycle.


incoming data
Empowers business users to ingest, transform, and enrich data


even complex assets
User-defined recon rules and workflow for all asset types


data breaks with AI
Accelerate identifying source of breaks by using predictive AI and anomaly detection


data exceptions immediately
Automate exception resolution based on deterministic rules or machine learning generated break predictions


Quickly create new reports and dashboards
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