EZOPS PypelineTM: Transform Your Data with Ease

Unlock the power of data engineering with our revolutionary product designed to streamline your data lifecycle operations.

The Pypeline Difference

Go beyond data modeling and experience the benefits of self-service data transformation, data validation, data acquisition, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved decision-making capabilities. Clean and transform your data with our powerful, intuitive, no-code tool. With more than 50 transformers out-of-the-box, EZOPS Pypeline is ready to tackle any use-case with ease.
Screenshot of EZOPS Pypeline application

Supercharge Data Handling

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Out of the box connectors: Integration with data sources from Brokers, Custodians, Trustees.
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Cost Reduction: Realize cost savings by automating Excel and ad-hoc process flows.
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Data Consolidation for Reporting and Analytics: Consolidate data for seamless reporting and analytics.
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Accelerated Data Integration: Reduce the time required for data integration; Pypeline simplifies
workflow orchestration and scheduling.
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Enhanced Collaboration and Coordination: Foster coordination between operations and IT
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Efficient Data Movement: Minimize data movement across various data repositories, including data lakes, data marts, and data clouds like Snowflake.
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