Streamlining Cash Vault Operations: Automating Break Research and Resolution

Manual research and resolution of out-of-balance accounts labor and time - The ARO platform automates and enhances efficiency and productivity in the reconciliation process between general ledger and cash vaults.

The Client:

A top four global bank, operating in over three countries with estimated assets of $1.9 trillion has effectively integrated an advanced solution using the ARO platform. This integration is a major achievement in automating the research and resolution processes for cash vaults. Leveraging the ARO platform the bank experiences smoother workflows, enhanced productivity, and greater precision in day-to-day operations.

This implementation represents a significant step forward in the bank's ongoing pursuit of operational excellence and efficiency.

The Need:

The existing research and remediation process aimed at resolving out-of-balance accounts arising from the reconciliation between the General Ledger and Cash Vaults for customers was found to be highly manual and time-consuming. This inefficiency led to prolonged resolution times and potential errors in the process. To address these issues, there was a pressing need for a more streamlined and automated solution to revolutionize financial operations and enhance the accuracy and speed of these processes.

Selecting ARO to build an Operations framework:

The client sought to implement a robust and efficient framework that could revolutionize financial operations and ARO brought scalability, stability, and reliability to the process - expediting the identification and resolution of discrepancies.

By automating these tasks through ARO platform, the client improved overall operational accuracy and speed, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and better resource allocation. The ARO platform is highly robust and versatile, catering perfectly to the specific needs of automating data cleaning, enrichment, and formatting for the task at hand. Its seamless integration with various systems and efficient data retrieval methods not only make it a cost-effective solution but also saves time.

  • ARO efficiently extracts settlement, inventory,activity, and investigation data from email/vendor websites for seamless integration and analysis
  • ARO Data Modeler filters and enriches data within defined scopes for desired outcomes
  • Customized database tables ensure smooth data transfer and tailored connections
  • Python plugin scripts generate well-formatted files, updating out-of-balance accounts in the client reconciliation system efficiently

Business Outcome: Timely resolution of out of balance account related operations

  • Automate break research and resolution for faster, efficient processes
  • Timely resolution of out-of-balance accounts for accurate financial reconciliation
  • Scale operations beyond targeted AUs, adapting to increasing demands
  • Historical data accessibility ensures compliance and facilitates auditing requirements

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