Revolutionizing Total Equity Reconciliation for ETDs & CFDs

In the financial industry, reconciling securities that trade on margin, such as Futures, Options, and CFDs, poses significant challenges for middle and back offices. This case study explores how EZOPS ARO transformed the reconciliation process for a leading fund administrator dealing with complex trade volumes and calculations.


The client faced critical issues in reconciling securities, including the need to combine data across multiple recons, calculate break values accurately, and handle intricate AUD & NZD futures calculations. Legacy systems and manual processes led to inefficiencies, requiring the need to reordering trades, valuing breaks, and consolidating breaks at an account level.


EZOPS ARO provided a comprehensive solution to automate the Total Equity reconciliation for ETDs & CFDs. EZOPS ARO streamlined the reconciliation process, allowing employees to focus on higher-level tasks. The platform delivered account-level reconciliation in a single screen, performed complex calculations, and handled various unique AUD & NZD futures calculations seamlessly.

Outcomes: Improved Efficiency and Operations

  • Enabled once manual recons to be added to a scalable and auditable platform.
  • Provided account-level reconciliation across four underlying recons in one screen.
  • Eliminated the need to amend the trade order, reducing manual efforts.
  • Removed the risk associated with the manual calculation of break values
  • Offered a clear process to explain differences to stakeholders like Clearing Brokers, Investment Managers, Auditors, and Middle Office.
  • Utilized EZOPS ARO’s advanced recon functionality for Auto-initiated Recons, Parent Child Recons, Ops Dashboard, IPA, and Checklists.

Key Metrics

  • Achieved a significant reduction in manual reconciliation efforts.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in calculating break values and handling complex calculations.
  • Enhanced transparency and communication with stakeholders.
  • Streamlined the reconciliation process, leading to time and cost savings.
  • Enabled the client to manage accounts with thousands of trades per day effectively.

This case study highlights how EZOPS ARO transformed the Total Equity reconciliation process for ETDs & CFDs, providing a scalable, efficient, and auditable solution for the client's complex financial operations.

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