ARO Transforms Research Management for Greater Operational Efficiency

A Big Four Bank Automates its Loan Research Management

Efficient and accurate loan management operations are a critical element in performance and success. However, many companies face challenges due to highly manual processes when researching specific loan items that may require actions and/or escalation.

ARO enabled the rapid development of an automated framework and ensured its implementation in a short timeframe. The data enrichment model employed by ARO significantly enhanced the efficiency of the research and reduced the scope of errors. By leveraging this, the client could swiftly adapt to changing market conditions and make timely loan management decisions.

The Client

A top four bank, operating across 35+ countries and holding assets valued at approximately $1.9 trillion, successfully implemented a flexible solution on the ARO platform. This implementation automates the bank’s operations for research and resolution on its inventory of loans .  The bank now benefits from:

streamlined processes
increased efficiency
and improved accuracy.

The Need to Move Away from Manual Processes

The research process within the applications for specific loan items, involving determining appropriate actions and escalations in the client's reconciliation system, was predominantly manual and labor-intensive. The bank needed to automate its process/system so its targets could be achieved rapidly.

One of the goals was also to create a versatile structure that could adapt to future requirements, all while mitigating risks within a limited timeframe.

ARO builds an Automated Reconciliation Framework

In order to meet the requirements, the client chose to enhance the data feed from its applications and integrate it into the ARO model so that it could be enriched and amalgamated into the target system -  improving the research management process ARO provided a comprehensive self-service framework that incorporated a range of essential functionalities:

  1. ARO entails extracting and transforming data from diverse trading systems, ensuring data cleansing and enrichment.
  2. Extracting data from multiple channels including client database, data marts, file system etc.
  3. The reporting framework combines data from different sources, facilitating comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  4. A scheduling framework automates the generation and distribution of reports, adhering to both scheduled and adhoc requirements.

Business Outcome: Improved Loan Management Operations

Streamlining Loan Detail Extraction: Through automation, loan research is more efficient in time and labor, seamless and less error-prone process (both individually and in pattern recognition).

Efficient Loan Resolution: By implementing streamlined workflows in ARO framework, the bank can now effectively identify and address loan issues, take prompt actions, and prevent delays that may impact financial operations.

Embracing Operational Scalability: The Client achieved operational agility by migrating to ARO as it can handle increased volumes and adapt to changing business requirements, ensuring smooth operations even in the face of growth and market dynamics.

Compliance and Audit Preparedness: Having access to comprehensive historical records enables the bank to demonstrate regulatory compliance, facilitate audits, and maintain transparency.

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