Smash silos. Hyperautomate across the data lifecycle.

According to Gartner, firms must deliver hyperautomation—end-to-end automation beyond RPA—by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes. EZOPS' platform is purpose-built to deliver hyperautomation for financial firms.

Low code framework

Empower business users to take charge and accelerate results.

Combines multiple capabilities on a single platform

ETL, machine learning, IPA, reconciliation, workflow and reporting work seamlessly to magnify enterprise- wide results.

Integrated yet Modular

Realize the benefits of all capabilities or mix and match. It's that easy.

Contextualizes A.I. And Automation For Financial Firms

A.I.-enabled automation is not a black box solution—to be meaningful, it must be purpose-built to address the complex nature of the financial industry.

The path to hyperautomation.

EZOPS’ low code framework makes it easy for users to automate the source of most inefficiencies—manual data quality remediation—paving the way to automating other repeatable tasks throughout the data lifecycle.


EZOPS' Data Modeler

Automating data transformation is quick and easy—in just a few minutes users can configure data ingestion, normalization, and validation. Once configured, the process is ready to run automatically.

EZOPS' Curie

Users can apply machine learning algorithms or anomaly detection to rapidly convert data into actionable intelligence.

EZOPS' Intelligent Process Automation and EZOPS' Insights

Armed with insight garnered from Curie, users can easily configure custom Bots and connectors to automate any repeatable task. Includes tasks generated from legacy or third party applications that can be transitioned to achieve quick productivity wins.


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