User-defined Technologies

User-defined technologies hide risk at a tremendous cost and are unsustainable in the digital battleground.

For decades, users have relied on standalone Excel-, Access-, or SQL query-based tools to manually onboard, aggregate, transform, enrich or reconcile data and manage business processes—at the peril of serious business risks.

No quality or version control

User error

Key man risk

Errors can affect business-critical tasks

EZOPS helps you eliminate the hidden risk and inefficiencies of user-defined technologies.
EZOPS not only permits replication of all spreadsheet-based mathematical functions but also has the added benefit of audit history, version control and integrated automatic data transformation, enrichment, and built-in workflow and reporting functionality. This results in a robust, standardized solution, delivering a single version of the truth—factors that are vital in generating accurate reports and making solid business decisions for key executives, managers, and users.

EZOPS drives versioning, audit history, user permissions, and collaboration.


All repeatable activities can be automated—from fetching, validating, transforming, and calculating data to informing and instructing workflow.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate key person dependency and reduce the possibility of errors due to manual intervention.

Learn how EZOPS eliminates the hidden risk of user-defined technologies.

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