Our Partners

Our trusted partnerships strengthen your success.

Our trusted partnerships help us create and deliver the results you need on your data control and automation journey.

Client Partner

BNY Mellon is the world’s largest bank and asset servicing company. It has partnered with EZOPS as a key part of its digital strategy to better serve client’s increasingly complex needs.

Financial Solution Partner

Orchestrade has an award-winning front-to-back trading and risk management platform. Its partnership with EZOPS allows clients to get  best-in-class trade execution and management and post-trade data quality assurance.

Financial Solution Partner

Riskfocus is a FinTech consultancy delivering outcome-based solutions with technology expertise, business insight, and an iterative delivery process. EZOPS partners with Riskfocus on the adoption of AWS.

Technology Partner

Snowflake powers the Data Cloud, where thousands of organizations have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the true value of their data. EZOPS has partnered with Snowflake to deliver machine learning-enhanced reconciliations on the Data Cloud.

Technology Partner

Amazon RDS for Oracle multi-AZ capability help our clients have a secure, resilient and highly-performing solution. It supports database resiliency across several availability zones and its templated deployment process ensures swift provisioning of additional environments.

Technology Partner

Oracle Database is the world’s most popular database offering market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security. EZOPS supports Oracle Database as an on-premise data management solution and uses Oracle Java as its programming language.


Marketing Collateral
Hidden Risk of Spreadsheet Workarounds
Spreadsheet workarounds and manual processes hide risk at a tremendous cost and are unsustainable in the digital battleground. Data quality challenges resulting in manual workarounds impedes growth for banks. The path to terminating consent orders and driving operational alpha and profits lies in intelligent automation.
How to Automate Low Value and Repetitive Operational Tasks to Lower Risk, Deliver Greater Accuracy and Improve Profit Margins
Despite the pandemic era assumption that most banking workflows have now been automated in the race to digital, for many, the number of manual or semi-manual workflows and processes has increased. In some cases, threefold and this does not look like it will slow down any time soon.
Avoid Fines by Incorporating Independent Validation of Regulatory Reporting
Learn the five key components of independent validation and how the EZOPS platform solves regulatory reporting delays and tracks conformance for compliance rules.