One platform. Full data lifecycle capabilities.

Data Modeler

The Problem

Varied data formats, manual transformation in spreadsheets, hard coded data validation, and enrichment logic contribute to longer processing times and build inefficiencies across the lifecycle.

The Solution

EZOPS’ Data Modeler empowers end users to automate data transformation and remediate the root cause of bad data.

  • Quickly ingest any data type, format, asset class or structure
  • Transform, enrich, and validate incoming data
  • Get setup in hours—not weeks or months
  • Avoid the delay and cost associated with IT assistance
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Data Reconciliation

The Problem

Legacy systems require coding to add new products and setup match rules and are often unable to support complex products. Lack of integrated auto exception management and workflow functionality increases time to research and fix breaks.

The Solution

EZOPS’ Data Reconciliation enables users to easily configure and reconcile any recon or number of sources without IT assistance.

  • Set up matching rules for any product and data type—even complex products like CFDs
  • Configure all data matching rules and new matching keys
  • Apply static and dynamic tolerances and use fuzzy logic
  • Construct multi-tier rulesets across an unlimited number of sources
  • Support for N-way recons
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The Problem

A.I. can be very effective digitizer of human intuition—but creating an effective algorithm requires hypertuning models based on a deep understanding of the capital markets.

The Solution

EZOPS’ Curie, our machine learning module combines the effortlessness of a user-friendly U.I. with the power of SME-coded algorithms.

  • Identify reasons for breaks—eliminating time spent researching exceptions
  • Detect data anomalies upfront preventing bad data from infecting downstream processes
  • Comprehensive model governance with explainability and auditability
  • Easily create, hypertune, and adjust new models for any purpose
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Intelligent Process Automation

The Problem

RPA leaves gaps that IPA fills via automating high value tasks that often rely on human experience and intuition. IPA can be rule-based or driven by machine learning outputs and business users can easily set up BOTS.

The Solution

EZOPS’ Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) makes it easy for users to automate tasks and create BOTS that can be triggered by pre-defined rules.

  • Automate any repeatable task without IT assistance—from sending an email to an interested third party or posting a remediating transaction to any internal or external system
  • Automate tasks generated from legacy or third party applications
  • Track the entire exception lifecycle including task assignees and SLAs—ensuring a clear data lineage and controlled end-to-end process involvement
  • Incorporates both rules-based and stochastic machine learning-based automation
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The Problem

Current disparate systems make it extremely challenging to obtain meaningful, accurate, and timely business insights.

The Solution

EZOPS’ Insights enables end-users and management to gain valuable business and operational insight once all underlying data throughout the data lifecycle is migrated onto EZOPS’ system.

  • Empowers C-Suite and management with key metrics across the entire data lifecycle
  • End users can customize dashboards or reports and drill-down for deep insight and share those results
  • Smart metrics uncover root cause issues, bad data, process inefficiency, and issues related to users or systems
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