Intelligent Process Automation

Automate intelligently. Low code. True straight through processing.

Unlike RPA that simply migrates dependencies from IT to another SME, IPA ensures that all processes—even the complex ones—are automated.

Automate ETL

Use IPA to seamlessly automate sourcing and transforming via API’s, files, and messages in real-time.

Create BOT Rules

Easily create simple or complex rules using user-friendly U.I.—no coding necessary.

Easily manage rule libraries across teams and functions.

Manage Bots

BOTS automate the exception management process using APIs, email notifications, alerts, and messages.

Frictionlessly integrate into any application using custom BOTS with Python adaptors.

Report Results

Monitor results of all BOT activities in a centralized dashboard.

Transform your business with game-changing A.I.-powered automation.


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Intelligent Process Automation