The power of A.I. in any user’s hands.

Our low code A.I. is easy for any data scientist to work with and even advanced business users can select and tweak algorithms via the U.I.

We have exceptional results to identify break reasons—often with 99% accuracy.

Manage Datasets

Create, curate, and prepare data by performing transformations without IT intervention.

Easily review data prior to model ingestion.

Construct Models

Build and edit supervised and unsupervised modes using an easy low code interface.

Access latest neural network and gradient-boosted trees libraries.

Customize Models

Real automation integrates seamlessly into current systems so that data follows a clear data lineage and controlled end-to-end path.

Monitor Models

Track all events, logs, training, predictions, and explainer runs.

Reference documented model training statistics and SHAP-based explainers.

Drive rapid productivity gains by applying EZOPS’ A.I. models to these proven use cases.


Data  Modeler




Intelligent Process Automation

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