Smart Bots

EZOPS ARO™ automates repeatable tasks and human intuition with IPA-powered smart Bots.

The Problem
Automation initiatives often fail to achieve maximum benefits because the platforms being deployed are limited to only mimicking basic human tasks (as is the case with RPA platforms), are reliant on technology SME's to hard code specific process changes, and fail to automate tasks dependent on human experience and intuition.
EZOPS' Solution
Intelligent automation—beyond RPA. EZOPS’ IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) puts the focus on both synthesizing a user's intelligence and automating routine processes. The UI facilitates easy construction of and changes to business rules to transform, enrich, validate, and reconcile data as well as to create automated exception management workflows and reporting rules and complex decision trees. IPA augments RPA with machine learning-powered inputs (e.g. high accuracy break prediction reasons or detection of anomalies) that amplify automation results and seamlessly amalgamate machine learning powered-IPA with RPA platforms.

Driving automation with EZOPS Bots. Using an intuitive, UI-based low-code solution, users configure their own rules to automate any business process and can interact with any application using a variety of connectivity options.

Automates both rule-based and machine learning-based decisions. IPA allows users the flexibility to create both deterministic and stochastic workflows. Users can even configure confidence levels for M.L.-based break predictions before invoking rules.

Seamless Integration. Flexible architecture facilitates seamless communication with internal and external systems as well as with data lakes. This ease of configurability allows users to leverage IPA rules for straight through processing for automated exception management—from chasing the counterparty of an unmatched trade, to verifying missing or erroneous data, and posting corresponding corrective entries or adjustments in systems.

Connectivity. Active MQ, IBM MQ, and Kafka queue-based integration are supported and users can also connect directly to other databases using native Bot functionality. Bots allows users to integrate with any internal or external application with easy-to-configure low-code adaptors.

How EZOPS ARO™ Helps.

Rapidly create automation rules.
Reduce operational and financial risk.
Support both rule-based and machine learning-powered decisions.
Energize your staff by redeploying them to more high-value customer-centric work.
Facilitate real-time changes in source systems to rectify bad data.
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Complex Assets
Regulatory Reporting

Learn how EZOPS ARO™ liberates your staff by automating tasks.


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