Manual Workarounds

EZOPS ARO™ eliminates manual workarounds—
a serious hidden business risk.

The Problem
Across financial firms, users often find it easier to create their own manual spreadsheet or database workarounds than wait for IT to code a solution. There are thousands of these tasks being done daily across the enterprise—manually ingesting, normalizing, and manipulating data, matching data across multiple sources, and adjusting to changes in incoming data feeds to only name a few.

These workarounds drain productivity and create serious business perils. Prone to human and operational errors and key-man risk, they often dramatically slow the on-boarding of new clients and products, resulting in reduced margins and poor customer service. Furthermore, these manual tasks mask risks and proliferate inefficiencies that build up over time.

Lack of auditability and controls makes them undesirable and relying on them often leads to serious compliance issues and regulatory scrutiny.
EZOPS' Solution
Manual and spreadsheet-based tasks can be easily transitioned to the EZOPS platform where users can automate the entire business process and operate in a controlled and transparent way:

  • Data aggregation, validation, enrichment and transformation
  • Detection of anomalies in incoming data using EZOPS Curie
  • Spreadsheet based calculations
  • Exception management via an integrated workflow and IPA (Rules & ML based)
  • Reporting

User configurable
Automation is easily configured by end users from data mapping, transformation to setting up of rules, calculations, workflows and reports via the UI

Control & Transparency
Fully auditable with integrated user and role management functionality

How EZOPS ARO™ Helps.

Move off compliance tracking list for procedures deemed “high risk.”
Improve metrics tracking and reporting.
Accelerate risk monitoring for timely hedging.
Automate data orchestration across multiple systems.
Eliminate key-man risk.
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Learn how EZOPS ARO™ eliminates manual workarounds.


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