Insightful Metrics

EZOPS ARO™ empowers users and the C-Suite with comprehensive, timely, and actionable insights across the entire data lifecycle.

The Problem
Financial firms are plagued by myriad disconnected and fragmented systems, workflows, and applications—making it next to impossible for senior management to obtain an accurate real-time view of their business. Systems are often siloed, access differing data sources, and are not necessarily using a standardized and common data set across the enterprise.

Management teams are often reliant on analytical and operations personnel to pull a range of reports from differing systems, who then attempt to consolidate the data and insights into a meaningful dashboard or reporting mechanism to provide a 360 degree view. This manual process leads to mis-information or inaccurate data being reported.
EZOPS' Solution
The EZOPS platform aligns data across silos to enhance data quality and control. It enables reconciliations between a golden copy of reference data and data used by downstream consumers and systems—preventing data inaccuracies. EZOPS’ models detect data quality issues in real time to help isolate data gaps for quick remediation—preventing bad data from infiltrating other systems.

It then renders a complete accurate reporting on a range of metrics that can be tailored to an individual team’s needs and delivers this data in real time into any related dashboard or framework application ensuring the C-Suite and senior management team have an accurate 360 degree view of your firm’s performance.

Users can quickly migrate processes and data onto EZOPS’ platform. Because all underlying data throughout the lifecycle becomes available to EZOPS’ reporting module, users can generate true and accurate metrics to gain valuable business and operational insights.

How EZOPS ARO™ Helps

Real-time reporting and customizable dashboards with no coding requirements.
Award-winning data management and control system to ensure normalization of all related data.
Accuracy in reported data to C-Suite and senior management.
Full API and systems integration, which can be deployed in a matter of hours.
Smart workflows that help to coordinate the cleanup of data gaps across systems.
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Contextualized A.I.
Manual Workarounds

Learn how EZOPS ARO™ can help you gain valuable business and operational insight.


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