Complex Assets

EZOPS ARO™ supports on-boarding and reconciliation of simple to very complex assets—without any IT assistance.

The Problem
Most platforms are challenged to support complex products like CFDs, Total Equity, or OTC’s. This makes users reliant on their technology departments to build ad-hoc solutions, slowing the on-boarding of new clients, funds, portfolios and products. Adding a new product type, file format or broker file almost always involves dealing with IT teams to hard code transformation logic and reconciliation rules.  Business users also have to manually cobble together data needed to create reports and data granularity is not visible on a single screen without swivel chairing across applications.
EZOPS' Solution
EZOPS’ users can create reconciliation rules for any product within minutes via a user-friendly UI and view granular details of complex assets on a single screen. Our asset class agnostic data model is an industry game changer. It allows business users with no coding knowledge to quickly map and transform data for new products or files and to setup matching rules, keys, and thresholds within a few hours. Users can also view reports with a simple click of a button.

Our clients have often multiplied the number of complex reconciliations being performed on our platform without adding a single new headcount to their team.

How EZOPS ARO™ Helps.

Accelerate new client on-boarding.
Substantially improve reporting metrics.
Eliminate reliance on IT.
Consolidate a granular view of all data elements on a single UI screen.
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Manual Workarounds
Smart Bots

Learn how EZOPS ARO™ reconciles simple to complex assets without IT assistance.


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