Say goodbye to niche solutions that underperform.

Full data lifecycle automation supercharges efficiency.

Full data lifecycle automation

Automate from data ingestion through to reporting.

Asset-Class agnostic

Transform, reconcile, and automate even complex products—no more manual workarounds!

Rapid onboarding

Our framework co-exists with current infrastructure—easily integrating with current systems.

End-user enabled

No more delays and costs associated with systems that rely on IT.

Say hello to our integrated product suite—EZOPS ARO™.

Low code data transformation, reconciliations, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, workflow management, IPA Bots, and reporting.

License all our modules


Choose only what you need

Data Modeler

Quickly validate, enrich, and transform data from any source or format via a user- friendly UI.

Data Reconciliation

Setup recon rules and even configure complex products with no IT help.


Predict break reasons, detect data anomalies, and give users the power of A.I. to save time and reduce errors.

Intelligent Process Automation

Digitize human experience—let Bots take care of manual time-consuming tasks and automatically fix data issues at the source.


Uncover root cause issues and inefficiencies that empower management with valuable business insight.


Marketing Collateral
Hidden Risk of Spreadsheet Workarounds
Spreadsheet workarounds and manual processes hide risk at a tremendous cost and are unsustainable in the digital battleground. Data quality challenges resulting in manual workarounds impedes growth for banks. The path to terminating consent orders and driving operational alpha and profits lies in intelligent automation.
How to Automate Low Value and Repetitive Operational Tasks to Lower Risk, Deliver Greater Accuracy and Improve Profit Margins
Despite the pandemic era assumption that most banking workflows have now been automated in the race to digital, for many, the number of manual or semi-manual workflows and processes has increased. In some cases, threefold and this does not look like it will slow down any time soon.
Avoid Fines by Incorporating Independent Validation of Regulatory Reporting
Learn the five key components of independent validation and how the EZOPS platform solves regulatory reporting delays and tracks conformance for compliance rules.