Senior Technical Analyst

New York, NY

Job Description:

We are looking for a motivated Senior Technical Analyst to work directly with clients to lead project deliveries, to deploy and integrate our platform in their environments. The opportunity is to lead the delivery of 2-3 clients on our Curie AI and ARO Data control/Reconciliation platforms. This is an excellent opportunity for a candidate with 3-5+ years of experience.

Are you up for a challenge?

We have multiple opportunities for experienced savvy technologists to work on-site with our client, deploying our applications, coordinating delivery of help desk calls and developing on-site implementations of integration code using python and shell scripting on Linux. This is a great opportunity for somebody with strong technical and communications skills.

Key Skills

  • Client Communications - can demonstrate understanding of the bigger picture not just the task.
  • Project Management - Ability to manage and drive a work slate between the client & our team

Tech skills

  • Strong Python scripting & pandas python module
  • Basic docker skills
  • Basic shell scripting
  • Basic Oracle (run queries, create an explain plan, use SQL Developer & SQL Plus)
  • Basic JAVA (i.e. can run eclipse use a debugger)
  • Problem Solving Skills: Strong understanding on how to do fault isolation on Browser Code and Linux. Ability to step through code in Eclipse. Can demonstrate the ability to read log files to pinpoint the root cause
  • Desirable Additional Skills: Deeper skills in ORACLE/SQL, Java or Docker, AWS Experience, experience running large web applications
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science preferred

Work Location: our NY based team supports clients in US, location will vary based on project assignments which are normally 1-6 months.

What does it take to get on the team?

  • You have to be self-sufficient and techno functional. This means raising/update the tickets discussed (never make this an action item for somebody else), learn in 3-4 weeks to setup and test the applications you are deploying at the client.
  • Ability to debug an application front to back across the desktop, server and database.
  • The curiosity to learn new technologies.


  • You must be able understand the client's issue and collect enough details to duplicate the issue internally and demo it to the Engineering team. We are a minimal email culture, we solve issues quickly by video calls and slacking, are you comfortable with that?
  • The curiosity to learn new technologies.
  • Flexibility and being a team player, we are a global team and priorities change. You have to be able to context switch quickly. Are you flexible with your work hours to accommodate overlap with the global team in the mornings?

What gives you an edge over another candidate?

  • Understanding of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Expertise with multiple products/processes in Capital Markets.
  • Experience with technical integration of vendor products with client's internal/external systems.
  • Experience with writing documentation and/or user manuals
  • Experience writing Product Specifications
  • Experience with SDLC, JIRA or Confluence.


Availablity Full Time

Additional Compensation: AnnualBonus

Required travel: 10-25%


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedule
  • Parental leave

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused
  • Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking
  • Aggressive -- competitive and growth-oriented
  • Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture
  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative


  • Monday to Friday

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